Enjoy the beach with your dog!


Enjoy your vacation with your dog

Because your vacation is only complete when the whole family, including your furry friends, are together, we’ve created a world just for you and your faithful four-legged friend.

Discover the best hiking trails, Dog-Friendly accommodations, parks, beaches and activities in the region, as well as useful addresses such as vets, grooming salons and even daycare contacts.

Ready to go on vacation?

The good master’s checklist in his bag


Dog-Friendly accommodation

Accommodations where your four-legged friends are welcome.


Visits by the hair

All the activities you can do with your dog (sites, museums, etc.).


Stretching your legs

Our recommendations for walks in the Basque Country.


The kibble break

The list of pet-friendly restaurants in the Basque Country.


Dog shopping

The ideal addresses for a shopping spree.


Contacts and useful addresses

Veterinarians, grooming salons, daycare services, etc.

Our driving tips

  • Never leave your dog in the car. Fatal heatstroke can quickly occur.
  • Keep your dog on a leash in the mountains: you may come across numerous herds and guard dogs.
  • When walking your dog in a park, forest or beach (etc.), make sure you can let go of your dog.
  • Do you come across a fellow dog on a walk who is on a leash? This one may be reactive, so please hold your dog long enough to pass it.
  • Always bring your dog waste bag with you.
  • Be sure to follow local rules and keep the area clean, for a better way of living together.

Map of dog waste bag dispensers in Cambo-les-Bains

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