This little chapel is an original place nestled on a street corner, on the path leading to the Colline de la bergerie. With its Labourdin-style exterior, it's hard to imagine the surprise hidden inside. As soon as you step inside, the magic begins. You'll marvel at the stained-glass windows behind the altar and the abstract glass tiles. But above all, it's the Basque artist Albert Proux, who created the frescoes, who is responsible for this surprising profusion of color. Although he had never done this type of iconographic work, the artist consulted the frescoes in Russian Orthodox churches and, using an episcope, dexterously transcribed them onto the chapel?s interior facades. These icons evoke scenes from biblical life: the Baptism of Christ, the Dormition, surrounded by apostles and angels.
Opening La Chapelle aux îcones vous accueille toute l'année de 8h30 à 18h30.
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Visiting conditions : Visite libre
GPS location Latitude : 43.3556
Longitude : -1.40515

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