The spa and medical team

Thermal baths of Cambo-les-Bains

Make an appointment directly with the spa doctor as soon as you have made your spa reservation.

Cambo-les-Bains spa doctors have their offices within the spa establishment.

List of doctors ☎️

The spa doctors have their offices in the spa:

The spa teams also include

Approximately 60 thermal care agents,
They provide treatment to patients as prescribed by the spa doctor.

3 nurses,
They are on hand to ensure that the care provided runs smoothly. They are on hand at all times to help patients, and take special precautions for some of them. They provide appropriate treatments as prescribed by the spa doctor.

1 state-certified chiropodist,

1 foot reflexologist,

1 state-qualified physiotherapist,
He rehabilitates patients during spa treatments in the thermal pool, performs massage sessions with thermal balsam and rehabilitates patients with respiratory problems, in strict compliance with medical prescriptions, in consultation with the spa doctors, within the more precise framework of special precautions.

1 qualified osteopath,

2 dieticians,
They are involved in nutrition conferences for our specific stays, and individual assessments.

3 adapted physical activities teacher,
Back school, relaxation, balance and coordination, breath training, and memory training are among the workshops offered by them.

1 psychologist / hypnotherapist:
He is involved in specific conventional cures, workshops and individual consultations.

1 sports coach :
He leads gym classes, stretching and flexibility, power walking…

1 certified Pilates instructor

1 certified yoga teacher

1 qualified Qi Gong teacher