Photo of the pools at the Cambo-les-Bains spa in the Basque Country

Everything you need to know about reimbursing my spa treatment

Conventioned cure

Have you decided to pamper yourself with a spa treatment in Cambo-les-Bains? An excellent decision!

Here’s an overview of the full cost of your spa treatment.

Practical information

Opening 2024 February 19 to December 7, 2024

Thermes de Cambo-les-Bains: +33 (0)5 59 29 02 00

Your reimbursements

Medical expenses incurred as part of your contracted spa treatment may be reimbursed.

Your attending physician will draw up a precise medical prescription, paving the way for reimbursement of consultations and medical care related to your spa treatment.

Set by the Assurance Maladie (in 2023: €80 for a single-orientation cure and €120 for a double-orientation cure. The remaining cost to the patient is 30%, i.e. €24 (single orientation) or €36 (double orientation).

In addition, certain specific procedures (Proëtz displacement method, thread-like showers, thermal gas injections), known as medical and complementary practices, are reimbursed at 70% on the basis of conventional rates.

Section 1 of the application form

3 compulsory medical check-ups with the spa doctor

  • 70% based on conventional rates


  • 100% of this same rate in the event of exemption from co-payment.

Expenses inherent in the spa treatment itself are also reimbursable.

This cover includes spa treatments, medical consultations at the spa, as well as the various specific treatments prescribed as part of your cure (excluding the cost of comfort treatments).

The spa package is reimbursed at 65% of the T.F.R. (Tarif forfaitaire de Responsabilité). The remaining cost to the patient is 35% of the T.F.R. (Ticket Modérateur) AND a Complementaire Tarifaire (this amount is set each year by the Assurance Maladie). In 2023, for example, it will be €85.40 for a rheumatology treatment.

Section 2 of the application form

1 treatment per year and per person

  • 65% of the fixed rate of responsibility (T.F.R.)


  • 100% in the event of exemption from co-payment.

Accommodation costs, an essential part of your spa stay, may be covered.

This includes overnight stays in the establishment of your choice, whether it’s a hotel, spa residence or rental property listed by the Tourist Office.

Reimbursement is subject to a means test.

Section 3 of the application form

65% based on a fixed contribution from your health insurance fund of €150.01, i.e. €97.50.

Transportation costs related to your trip to the spa may also be reimbursed as part of an approved spa treatment.

This includes travel by car or train, depending on your mode of travel, on the basis of an SNCF 2nd class return ticket (supporting documents required).

Reimbursement is subject to a means test.

To be reimbursed for your travel and accommodation expenses, you must send your health insurance fund, on your return from your cure, the section 3 of the reimbursement form, together with proof of transport.

Depending on your household’s resources, the health insurance scheme may cover your transport and accommodation costs: for a cure prescribed in 2024, your 2023 resources must not exceed a ceiling set at €14,664.38.

This ceiling (in force since 2010) is increased by 50%, i.e. €7,332.19, for your spouse and each dependant (child, partner in a civil solidarity pact, etc.).

Section 3 of the application form

  • 65% of ticket price


  • 100% in case of exemption from co-payment