On a hike rich in discovery and emotion, our guide will take you to meet the king bird of our mountains, and reveal to you all the secrets of the Basque mountains, their flora and fauna. You'll venture as close as possible to the griffon vultures? niches to observe them through binoculars. Feel the power of these magnificent gliders, defying the winds with their 2.80 m wingspan as they fly overhead.

Elevation gain: +160 m; Distance: 3.8 km;
Departure minimum 8 pers. and maximum 17pers.

Registration required at the Cambo-les-Bains Tourist Office by the day before.
Meeting point: 9am, Leclerc d'Ossès parking lot.

Loisir nature


  • Le mercredi 19 juin , de 14h00 à 17h00
Organized by Office de Tourisme
GPS location Latitude : 43.3606
Longitude : -1.3999


Feu d'artifice

Feu d'artifice

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