Doors open at 7:15 p.m. for "Le talo" Basque snack and refreshments.
8:15pm, start of the show: Basque dances, followed by bare-handed pelota, and a demonstration of Basque strength with the vertical lumberjack and stone lifter (in case of rain, we'll move to the wall on the left).
Tickets on sale on site.

Animations locales - Spectacle

Danse - Force Basque - Pelote basque

  • Le lundi 29 juillet , à 20h15
Organized by Kanboarrak
GPS location Latitude : 43.3618
Longitude : -1.39666


Arnaga insolite

Arnaga insolite

Throughout the summer, every Monday morning, a guide offers an unusual tour of the Villa Arnaga, its gardens and its gardens and basements.

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