An original and convivial hike in the cool of late afternoon.
As you climb, you'll come across the inhabitants of our mountains, from pottoks to vultures. Take the time to stop and listen to Vivi, your guide, and enjoy her anecdotes. Let yourself be immersed in a journey punctuated by local stories and legends!
Share a peasant picnic, and as night falls, you're off for a smuggler's return!

Includes: snack and guide.
Distance: 6km. Elevation gain: +245m.
Departure minimum 8 pers. and maximum 17 pers.
Distance between meeting point and starting point = 20 minutes by car.
Must be booked at Cambo Tourist Office.

Equipment required: personal glasses and cutlery, rucksack, water bottle, sports clothes and shoes.

Loisir nature


  • Le mercredi 24 juillet , de 18h30 à 22h30
Organized by Office de Tourisme
GPS location Latitude : 43.3606
Longitude : -1.3999


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