Urtsua - Ursuia (Mendionde)

Those who know how to take it easy at the start, on the path to the Mendionde washhouse and on the tough ascent to the Etxebarne district, will be able to take full advantage of the rest of this loop around Mount Ursuia, a pleasure of contemplative wandering. The easy paths on the heights of Mendionde, Hasparren and Macaye offer constantly changing views, both of the neighbouring mountains and of the Atlantic coastline. On the way, you will come across sheep and pottoks, and take a shady break under the hundred-year-old oak and chestnut trees. The heritage dimension is also satisfied, since you will discover farms and mountain edges, you will walk along a section of the ancient Napoleon road and the circuit skims the remains of a protohistoric camp. In other words, you will not see the time pass in the arms of Ursuia.

Useful information

Elevation :
  • Dénivelé cumulé en mètres : 510
Title 2 :
  • Title 2 : Urtsua - Ursuia (Mendionde)
Commune of departure :
  • Commune of departure : MENDIONDE
Commune of arrival :
  • Commune of arrival : MENDIONDE
Typology of routes :
  • Typology of routes : Boucle
Tourist interests :
  • Tourist interests : Panorama : La route Napoléon (3,2 km)
    Site naturel : Les sources de l'Ursuia (5,65 km)
    Petit patrimoine : Le site de Mokorreta (9,5 km)
    Patrimoine bâti : L'église de Lekorne (13 km), à 250 m au nord du village
    Site naturel : Les chênes centenaires (2,4 km)
Marking :
  • Gare du train : Trait - Balisage directionnel sur supports locaux
URL of a file :
  • URL of a file : Balisage-95.jpg
Distance in km :
  • Distance in km : 13.1
Route :
  • Walking
Concerned public :
  • Sportspeople
Themes :
  • Natural


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