From the promontory of the church of Gréciette, one immediately perceives the aura that the ancient lords of Garro could have had on this territory, today the municipality of Mendionde. Perched in the middle of the valley, facing Mount Baigura, the castle inspires both authority and protection, even if its contemporary vocation is turned towards culture and market gardening. From this hamlet clinging to the slope, you will go for a refreshing walk on hot summer days. As you descend into a wood where venerable oaks and chestnut trees flow for decades, you will feel the freshness of a river, answering to the sweet name of Joyeuse, gradually capture you and invite you to pause. Is it because it tumbles in singing cascatelles or because its forest is home to many birds that it was named the Joyeuse?

Useful information

Elevation :
  • Dénivelé cumulé en mètres : 120
Commune of departure :
  • Commune of departure : Mendionde
Commune of arrival :
  • Commune of arrival : Mendionde
Typology of routes :
  • Typology of routes : Boucle
Tourist interests :
  • Tourist interests : Patrimoine bâti : L'église de Gréciette
    Patrimoine bâti : Vue sur le château de Garro
    Faune / Flore : La châtaigneraie
Marking :
  • Gare du train : Trait - Balisage directionnel sur supports locaux
URL of a file :
  • URL of a file : Balisage-60.jpg
Distance in km :
  • Distance in km : 3.6
Route :
  • Walking
Concerned public :
  • All publics
Location :
  • In the country
Themes :
  • Natural
  • Historical


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