Do you like to walk with a beautiful panorama in front of you? If so, this is the route for you, flirting with the ridges all the time! On the border of the provinces of Labourd and Lower Navarre, the Adarre ridges are a choice viewpoint over the prestigious neighbouring Baigura and Iparla. Not to mention that you are in a Pottok paradise, in the heart of a typical pastoral area of the Basque Country mountains! You can also adapt the difficulty to your own level by choosing whether or not to go to the top of the Adarre, which in its final section has steep slopes that could be difficult for hikers less used to this type of terrain.

Useful information

Elevation :
  • Dénivelé cumulé en mètres : 467
Title 2 :
  • Title 2 : Adarre
Commune of departure :
  • Commune of departure : LOUHOSSOA
Commune of arrival :
  • Commune of arrival : LOUHOSSOA
Typology of routes :
  • Typology of routes : Boucle
Tourist interests :
  • Tourist interests : Patrimoine bâti : L'église Notre Dame de l'Assomption de Louhossoa
    Panorama : Les pottok
    Patrimoine bâti : Les bordes
Marking :
  • Gare du train : Trait - Balisage directionnel sur supports locaux
URL of a file :
  • URL of a file : Balisage-106.jpg
Distance in km :
  • Distance in km : 13
Route :
  • Walking
Concerned public :
  • Sportspeople
Themes :
  • Natural


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