Brisson Catherine - Énergéticienne / Relaxologue / Réflexologue

Catherine Brisson is an energetician / relaxologist.

Practitioner in energetic well-being care, she offers to help you maintain or regain your physical, psychological and energetic balance. The high vibration music will bring you a moment of relaxation that will help you to let go!

These techniques of helping relationship refer to ancestral practices of well-being and non-verbal communication common to all the ancestral traditions of the world. They therefore have no medical or para-medical intent.

Foot reflexology, magnetism, sound and vibration treatments with the Tibetan bowl, relaxation.

Opening periods

Opening periods
  • From 1 January 2024 To 31 December 2024

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Address : Résidence Chantecler 17 avenue Chantecler 64250 CAMBO-LES-BAINS

Phone : +33 6 50 39 05 44